ChatGPT New Updates: ChatGPT New Features Beats Other AI Chatbots, Know its Amazing Updated Features

ChatGPT New Updates: ChatGPT New Features Beats Other AI Chatbots, Know its Amazing Updated Features

ChatGPT New Updates: ChatGPT New Features Beats Other AI Chatbots, Know its Amazing Updated Features

ChatGPT New Updates: From the day of its launch itself, ChatGPT is making front-page headlines in every major technical and research publication all across the world. Its popularity has grown immensely since its public availability in November 2022. ChatGPT is basically an AI chatbot that simulates human communication by using natural language processing. It is developed and maintained by OpenAI, a nonprofit research organization. Despite the apparent advancements that Google and Microsoft are making, ChatGPT is still the primary generative AI tool available. It has been possible due to the fact that it has undergone several updates after its launch to enhance user experience and increase ChatGPT’s capabilities.

ChatGPT, the company’s lead artificial intelligence chatbot, is constantly being improved and enhanced by OpenAI. In its initial days, ChatGPT was powered by the GPT-1 model. ChatGPT is now based on the GPT-4 model, the most advanced model of its time, and it is available for paid users only. The free version is based on GPT-3.5 and is very efficient. Its efficiency has drastically increased from the latest updates. The most recent round of significant modifications attempts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of talks with the bot.

OpenAI revealed the new features in a message on its official Twitter account. The updated features enable the chatbot to perform many additional tasks such as displaying potential follow-up questions at the base of its replies. Let’s explore the new updates of ChatGPT that ensure its dominance in the AI verse.

ChatGPT New Updates

OpenAI recently upgraded ChatGPT by adding six new features to enhance user interaction with the chatbot. Out of all the updated features, two are exclusive to ChatGPT Plus, the paid version, while the other four are part of the free version too. You can enjoy all these updated features from the 3rd Week of August 2023. Below we have mentioned the new updates of ChatGPT:

1) Customize Instructions for ChatGPT 

Now after the latest update, users can personalize chatGPT so that it recognizes their identity in every chat. Your choices will be remembered by ChatGPT for all subsequent talks if you set them. It is available currently for Plus users only. To use this feature: Go to Setting–> Tap Beta Features–>Turn on Custom Instructions

2) Suggested Replies

Users can dig further with a single click thanks to the suggested replies functionality. With the help of this function, ChatGPT can now recommend appropriate methods to carry on the conversation. It is particularly apt in such cases where the users are not getting the desired result because of the limitation of the chatbot.

3) GPT-4 set as Default

GPT-4’s default setting is an additional fascinating feature of this new update. When ChatGPT was first introduced, Plus members were given access to GPT-3.5 by default; however, to access GPT-4, they had to switch to GPT-4. GPT-4 is now the default after the most recent update. ChatGPT will remember your previously chosen model when you log in as a Plus user; the default setting of GPT-3.5 will no longer apply.

4) Multiple File Uploads

Users can now upload several files to evaluate data and produce insights thanks to the most recent upgrade. All Plus members can get access to this feature with the Code Interpreter beta. Now, ChatGPT will be able to analyze data and produce insights from a variety of file formats.

5) Permanent Login

According to OpenAI, the most recent version will also extend the time that users may stay logged in. Users won’t be automatically locked out of their accounts every two weeks now. Once logged in, they will stay in the ChatGPT until logged out wilfully.

6) Keyboard Shortcuts

It is now able to navigate ChatGPT more quickly by using keyboard shortcuts. Several shortcuts that OpenAI provided to the chatbot can be rapidly accessed by pressing Ctrl + / on a computer running Windows or Cmd + / on a Mac. It will exponentially reduce the operational time leading to an increase in productivity.

These upgrades show how committed OpenAI is to enhancing ChatGPT’s overall functionality and user experience. The recommended reply feature adds to the conversational depth, and other features like the ability to load several files and the default configuration of GPT-4 for premium users all emphasize OpenAI’s dedication to offering cutting-edge, usable solutions. By providing illustrative indications, users are guided and encouraged. When these features become available, users may anticipate a more seamless, efficient, and delightful experience with ChatGPT.